All of us got ready for our last and final call of The Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0 last week. Our theme for Week 5 was ‘Creating Your Presence.’ It meant discussing the importance of keeping an updated LinkedIn profile, having a website to showcase our projects, etc.

Our mentor, Jap Leen, showed us her LinkedIn profile and explained how each section must be filled. She explained that we must take advantage of our LinkedIn profile since there is no restriction of limiting it to one page like in a resume. She told us to post on LinkedIn regularly to maintain a good online presence. This might impress the recruiters who check out our LinkedIn page. Adding relevant college coursework and uploading GitHub links for our projects might also prove useful. It is also important to add details of any leadership positions that one holds. Optionally, one can also have a Twitter account since a lot of opportunities are posted on Twitter handles as well. Students can also consider making a portfolio website to showcase their skills and achievements.

Our task for this week was to update our LinkedIn profile and get it reviewed.

With this, we moved on to discuss our experience in this 5 — week long enriching journey. All the mentees discussed what it meant for us to be a part of this program. These last five weeks have been a confidence booster for me and now I have more faith in myself and refuse to shy away from applying to opportunities. This program also made me aware of the abundance of opportunities available for women in STEM fields.

I also loved writing blogs to cover my learnings on a weekly basis. It helped me reflect on what was discussed and done during the week. I hope that I have played a small role in helping the community through these blogs:

WEEK 1 Blog

WEEK 2 Blog

WEEK 3 Blog

WEEK 4 Blog

Our mentor gave us her feedback and shared her experience as well. She has been an amazing pillar of support and a constant source of encouragement for me and I look forward to staying in touch with her! Finally, we all signed off, promising to keep our WhatsApp group alive….



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